Stylish Halloween Leather Vests For The Warriors Movie Fans

the warriors vest movie

If you are looking for something special for this Halloween then you can’t get a better costume than this warriors leather vest. We made this authentic warriors vest taking inspiration from the film “The Warriors”. In the movie, actor James Remar wore this leather vest that features a flaming skull patch on the back. Moreover, if you are planning a warriors tour to Coney Island this year then this warriors costume gang vest is a must.

You might be thinking that from where to buy the original warriors vest for sale? The answer is right here. We are offering this vintage 1979 vest in both PU and real leather. Furthermore, we are not only offering it in maroon but we are also offering it in multi-colors like: black, tan, blue, maroon, and brown. So as a buyer, you have a variety of options to choose from. Order your warriors vest Halloween costume now and get free delivery worldwide. The shipment countries list includes UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, and many others.

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